The Samurai Den Batch
The Samurai Den Batch
The Samurai Den Batch
The Samurai Den Batch

The Samurai Den Batch

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While the formulation of this batch stemmed from the warriors of Feudal Japan and how they utilized Blue Indigo, the original talks that led to this batch actually revolved around an old sushi house in town. With it’s dark halls, low ceilings, and samurai artwork on the walls, it conjured up sounds of sharpening blades and scents of smoke and ash in our imagination. These thoughts of what a “samurai den” would have been like in the Edo Period led to our latest after training soap creation. 

Each supersized 10oz. blue brick comes loaded with Indigo Extract from Tokushima, Japan which directly lends its dark hazy navy blue color to the bar, as well as its ability to fight bacteria and odor. For an extra boost of antibacterial power, we sourced 3 very special ingredients directly from The land of the rising sun: cooling Japanese Peppermint Oil, Hinoki Oil (Japanese Cypress), and Sugi Oil (Japanese Cedar). We also blended in our signature high grade Australian Tea Tree Oil. 

Fresh Yuzu Fruit Juice is then poured in plentifully to this batch as it’s a Japanese antioxidant powerhouse packed with Vitamin C and also aids in skin rehydration. 

Unfiltered Sake is also on the menu in this batch - drizzled in every bar due to it’s richness in amino-acids and natural enzymes that help to brighten skin. 

Each bar is finally sprinkled with Bamboo Charcoal Powder to absorb any potentially harmful bacteria picked up on the mat while ground up Black Sesame Seeds work to exfoliate away any dead skin accumulated during heavy training. 

*Artwork by 3rd degree Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Sam Kressin.

*NOTE: The blue Indigo Extract in these bars will lightly bleed blue as you wash. When you're finished washing, place bar on a soap dish or wash cloth to prevent blue extract residue in your shower. From our experience sampling the soap over the last year, the extract will not permanently stain tile or grout.

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