About Us

No, that's not how long we've been around, even though we hope to be one day. That's actually how long Chad Hospodar, creator of The Arm Bar Soap Company has been training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Most people who have been training this long have already achieved their black belts - but not Chad, he's still a purple belt. Nonetheless, not much can keep him from hitting the mats and training on a daily basis - except for maybe a torn knee ligament, "dinner & a movie" dates with his girlfriend, and the reason this company was even dreamed up in the first place - Ringworm and other viral skin infections.

But enough talking about myself in the third person...

It wasn't until about 2006 'till I was first affected by ringworm. I was fresh off the boat from Hawai'i and it was my first year as a freshman in college in Santa Barbara, CA. Between balancing my studies, partying, and jiu-jitsu, my usually good hygiene somehow took a backseat in the process. I woke up one morning with the itchiest knuckle in the world and upon further inspection, noticed a small, pink ring around it. A few scratchy days and about a hundred google searches later, I realized that I had become a victim of tinea, or ringworm. And yes, it is contagious. I told my jiu-jitsu professor at the time and he told me I would be watching the classes from the sidelines that week - I had become that guy, and it sucked.

Don't be that guy.

In early 2011, I was riddled with the skin infection for the sixth time, but this one was nastier than ever. Five ringworms had made their home on the side of my scalp - I looked like a diseased poster child of the Olympic games. Needless to say, I sure as hell wouldn't be training for a couple weeks nor was I getting much love from my girlfriend. I had become that guy again and I'd had enough.

The search begins...

I searched the web high and low for a soap product that would prevent these viral skin infections. I swear I tried them all. They either smelled weird, had a weak lather, or worst of all, were way too expensive. One bar of soap I bought (and I won't reveal the name), came out to $14 after shipping and handling. Being a poor college-going mat rat, beyond budget was an understatement. I thought, "I can make a better soap bar!". I set out with the knowledge in my head and a goal to create the best fungus fighting soap product on the market for combat athletes.

Enter The Arm Bar Soap Company

A year later, I give you The Arm Bar, a soap that's packed with a custom blend of all-natural essential oils. Each batch has been made through a "hot-process" system in Northern California by experienced soap makers and quality is not something that has been overlooked. From our shelves to your showers, I promise to keep our soaps as affordable as possible. The Arm Bar Soap Company will forever stay true to it's jiu-jitsu roots, and to pay homage to that, each bar comes packaged in a kimono and a black belt.

Whether you are a Jiu-jitsu player, an amateur wrestler, an MMA athlete, or just someone who can appreciate a well-made soap bar, we here at The Arm Bar Soap Company greatly appreciate you as a customer.


Now with a Black belt around my waist, an expanded line of 8 soap bars and body wash, and more projects in the works, our little grass roots soap company continues to grow...yet some things will never change.  Our products will forever be made in small batches to ensure the finest quality, consistency, and efficacy.  We will always keep the art of spreading Aloha and the beautiful art of Jiu Jitsu a priority that is close to our heart.  And we will always mold future products around our customers’ feedback, because after all, we are nothing without you.  Mahalo for the support!