How is your soap tested?

No snake oil in our products. All soap batches are sent to a private lab facility in Los Angeles for sterility testing to ensure that our ingredients combat all mat-born bacteria and fungus.  Visit our “Where Science Meets Soap” page for more details.

What's in the soap?

Each soap is a unique blend of hand-picked essential oils, moisturizing butters, and natural exfoliants designed to leave your skin feeling clean, protected, and smelling naturally fresh. Click here to see detailed ingredient list.

Where and how is it made?

All Arm Bar Soap products are manufactured in San Francisco, California with ingredients that are sourced as naturally and sustainably as possible from all over the world. We believe in protecting our planet as well as our athletes.

Is your soap vegan?

Our soap is vegan based with the exception of our Milk n' Honey (contains Goats Milk and Honey) batch and our Acai batch (contains pyogurt)

How long will your soap last?

If used daily, our soap will last about 2-3 weeks. Extend the life of your soap by allowing it to dry between uses with an Arm Bar Soap Dish, or by storing in a place where it will dry out between use and not be sitting in water.

Do you test your products on animals?

No we do not. We love animals.