The Extreme Clean Pack

The Extreme Clean Pack

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9 Years into this project known as The Arm Bar Soap Co., we've assembled a small army of Black belt fungus fighters and bacteria beaters that we've specially concocted to go to war with potential skin infections spawned by dirty Jiu Jitsu mats across the globe.  This fully loaded mega-cartridge consists of all 5 of our body wash potions, all 5 of our mammoth 10 oz. soap bricks, and all 13 of our signature kimono-clad 4.25 oz ringworm hunters - all in one box.  We've compiled this all-encompassing set for you at a very special price. Train Hard. Stay Clean.

NOTE: The potions in this pack will consist of a mix of only Milk n' Honey + Hawaiian Potions until we are freshly restocked with the others. 


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