The Big Trouble in Little Rio Batch
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The Big Trouble in Little Rio Batch

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In 1914, a Japanese man with the alias, “Conde Koma”, arrived in Brazil where he met a family that would ultimately reshape the landscape of martial arts forever. Inspired by the story of one of the greatest martial artists who ever lived, we proudly present, “The Big Trouble in Little Rio Batch”.  A soap bar with such a powerful backstory would need to come with equal power in protecting Jiu Jitsu players worldwide. A heaping dose of USA-grown, full-spectrum hemp extract works to reduce inflammation while a potent 5-Oil-blend of Frankincense, Australian Tea Tree, Blood Orange, Spearmint, and Geranium join forces to combat any potential infection-causing bacteria. For skin hydration, each giant 10 oz. mega-bar is infused with organic Avocado oil and Rice Bran oil. This massive bar is finished off with a sprinkle of fresh Brazilian Coffee grounds and grainy Cassava Flour (aka Farofa) to aid in exfoliating any dead skin acquired during heavy training.

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