Grapple Sauce - Daily Hair Juice
Grapple Sauce - Daily Hair Juice

Grapple Sauce - Daily Hair Juice

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“GrappleSauce” is our latest After-Training creation - a juicy fungus-fighting concoction inspired by our need to clean our hair and scalp more than once a day after multiple training sessions. 

This Organic Apple Cider Vinegar-based liquid was designed to avoid over-shampooing while providing a gentle cleanse that will not strip hair of natural oils. Our pure ACV base helps to seal hair cuticles, hence adding shine while helping to balance your hairs PH levels. ACV also helps to gently exfoliate the scalp and unclog hair follicles as naturally as possible. 

We’ve also added in our trusted blend of Organic Tea Tree Oil and Organic Lavender Oil to give “GrappleSauce” an extra boost of bacteria + fungus-fighting capabilities along with Macadamia Nut Oil to rehydrate the hair and scalp during the cleansing process. We also added in Aloe Vera Juice which also contributes to promoting a healthy PH balance of the hair, scalp, and skin, preventing potential infections due to an unhealthy balance all while locking in moisture. 

The formula is finally rounded off with Antioxidant-rich Dandelion Leaf Extract, infused to reduce oxidative stress and cell damage caused by free radicals.

*Net Weight 16oz.

*Made in San Francisco, California.

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