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The Wristlock Sampler Pack

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Travel to any academy in the world with our convenient Travel-size Arm Bar mini soaps aka "Wristlocks" - specially designed to scrub away mat-born bacteria accumulated during heavy training with our custom blends of high-grade essential oils, butters, and exfoliants. 1 oz. bars.

*Due to low wristlock stock, "Sampler Packs" will be shipped as a random assortment of 5 fresh batches that are currently in stock with the 6th bar being a  repeat of one. Price has been changed to reflect the lower quantity.

Customer Reviews

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From a shipping perspective, the item can quick and in great condition. From a product perspective, I love the way the soaps smell, I mainly got this one to test out how they work on my skin before buying a whole bar. I didn’t see any skin irritation, and the soaps lasted a good amount of time, about three days, for each travel size.


Shipped quickly, smells great. Make sure you have some kind of lotion. The soap makes your skin pretty dry. Price I'm willing to pay for keeping away skin infection.


Very nice, I must admit the prices do throw me off from committing fully to buying the large bundle of soaps but every other product looks great and I enjoyed these samples a lot.

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