The Trainbow Warrior Tank
The Trainbow Warrior Tank

The Trainbow Warrior Tank

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Inspired by a vintage uniform from the University of Hawai’i, we are proud to blend a piece of our heritage with our latest collection.

This logo felt like the perfect image for this project due to the history of the rainbow in Hawaiian culture; Rainbows held magical powers long before sports came to the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Chiefs considered them sacred and used them as signs of a chief’s presence. Some legends said that if a rainbow was hovering over a newborn child, he was of god-like rank. 

We aren’t sure if this applies to Jiu Jitsu players but one thing we know for sure is that these pieces will help you spread Aloha (not ringworm) every place you travel.

Made from 100% super-soft cotton. Made + designed + printed in Los Angeles, California. True to size. Regular fit.

*Model is 5’11” 190lbs and wearing a size Large