The Bloodsport Windbreaker Pants
The Bloodsport Windbreaker Pants

The Bloodsport Windbreaker Pants

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A highlight of the "Bloodsport" collection, and part II of the windbreaker set, each pair of slim-fit pants was crafted from a durable, waterproof Polyester material and features a fully-waterproof zipper on rear pocket, two side pockets, snap enclosure, and elastic cuffs.

Each garment features screen printed logos of our signature fighting roosters, official TTWD insignia, and our hand-drawn custom Namakubi (severed head) - a symbol of courage, strength, and dying at the hands of your enemy for the honor of being a true soldier.

The “Bloodsport” collection is a capsule complete with both pieces to train in and hit the streets in, all inspired by a past kit from our favorite rugby team from the southern hemisphere. True-to-size.

*Model is 5'11" 185 lbs and wearing a size Large (waist size usually size 34)


S: 30

M: 32

L: 34

XL: 36

XXL: 38

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