The 5 Rings Beach Shorts - Mud
The 5 Rings Beach Shorts - Mud
The 5 Rings Beach Shorts - Mud
The 5 Rings Beach Shorts - Mud

The 5 Rings Beach Shorts - Mud

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In 1612, under the Tokugawa Shogunate in feudal Japan, two swordsmen stood face to face on the shores of Ganryujima. Sasaki Kojirō, a decorated scholar of sword fighting, master of the long sword and architect of the lethal “swallow cut”; and Miyamoto Musashi, the "sword saint", a double-blade wielding war strategist and rōnin who championed 61 duels, undefeated. Stories account Miyamoto turning up 3 hours late to the organized bout, causing Sasaki to lose focus and become full of rage.  Miyamoto being a prolific strategist took advantage of his opponent's weakened psyche and delivered a swift and fatal blow, piercing Sasaki's lung as he ill-attempted his signature swallow cut. Victorious, Miyamoto readied his boat and sailed away into the blood red sun, not only leaving behind his legend but also his final fatal blow. Miyamoto Musashi's legacy lives on through “The Book of Five Rings”, a self-authored masterpiece about his sword-fighting philosophy, strategy implementation and the moral principle he gained from his toughest adversary, Sasaki Kojirō. 

Each pair of beach shorts is made from 100% cotton and features an elastic waistband, internal drawcord, and is preshrunk to minimize shrinkage. All designs are screen printed by hand in Los Angeles, Ca. Regular fit. True to size.

NOTE: Beach Shorts are NOT stretchy and are recommended for the streets as opposed to training. Each pair features two side pockets and one rear pocket.

*Model is 5'11" 185 lbs and wearing a size Large.


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