The Daishō Beach Towel - Black

The Daishō Beach Towel - Black

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The origins of daishō were around the Momoyama period, the final portion of the Sengoku era, a time of warlordism in Japan during the 1500–1600s. Translating to "big & little", Samurai would wear a typical long sword (katana) alongside a shorter one (tanto or wakizashi) for use at closer range.

These two hand drawn swords were hand drawn by 3rd degree Jiu Jitsu Black belt, Sam Kressin, and our signature "Train Till We Die" kanji was hand painted by a professional Japanese artist specially for this collection.

Each full-size towel is made from a 100% high quality cotton woven in a terry-velour style (these towels sport tiny absorbent loops in the fabric that are shaved open on one side to create a velvety finish) to quickly dry you off whether you're at the beach or the academy locker room. Made and sublimated in Orange County, California.


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